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MVP139: Brendan Carrion on Lorcana Reprints, Restocks, and the Future of the Game 

by Thomas Traplin | Nov 8, 2023 | Podcasts 

The launch of Lorcana has been a roller coaster for game stores. The absurdly high demand combined with a very limited supply of product has created a perfect storm for game store owners looking to sell, as well as consumers and collectors looking to buy. Online communities of players/speculators have accused game store owners of scalping and gouging if anything is priced above MSRP, with game store owners justifiably pushing back and defending the market price as the only viable option given the circumstances. 

MVP134: Brendan Carrion on Athoria Games and Marketing in the Modern Age

by Thomas Traplin | Jun 8, 2023 | Podcasts 

Brendan Carrion, email marketer/game designer/podcaster with Athoria Games in Arizona, is on the podcast to talk about the nuts and bolts of marketing a game store and getting new customers, what makes Athoria Games tick, and discuss the state of the gaming industry as a whole.