All About US

Athoria Games is for fun people who love all things geek! It is the best place in Arizona for creating a fun tabletop gaming experience.


We started Athoria Games out of a lifelong passion for tabletop games. Tabletop games include trading card games, tabletop war games, role-playing games, and classic board games.All these games test wits, nurture imagination, and, whether relaxing or thrilling, promise a fun time!


But more importantly, they have a special way of bringing people together for real, in-person interactions. Some gather in store for meet-ups and community events, while others exit excited to improve their games at home.


Athoria Games is a space set apart for games and what they can do… and it's a BIG space!  We have the biggest gaming store in all of Arizona, filled with great tabletop products, and arranged with pride and professionalism. Our kind staff use their years of first-hand gaming insight to help people find the right game that fits their particular needs.


And in this gaming space everyone is welcome. Whether customer or employee, beginner or life-long hobbyist, we believe all people should be treated with respect. We are not an exclusive club for the “worthy” or “informed”, but an open door home for anyone wanting to escape the stress of life for a little while.